As a busy lawyer, I sometimes don’t get to sit down with my clients as much as I’d like. My staff, Alena and Jose, do a fantastic job of keeping in touch, answering non-legal questions, and getting needed information to and from clients. Lest I be thought a lazy attorney, I review all of the files in the office on a regular basis, so I know what is going on, and contact clients on all legal questions/issues. However, I miss spending good chunks of time with the nice folks I am privileged to represent. Most of my clients are ordinary folks looking for some guidance through a tough, confusing, and scary situation. I am honored to have such great responsibility.

This week, I had an opportunity to visit a client and her father in the family home. We checked in with each other and discussed how her car collision has affected her and the family dynamic. As a plus, I also got to play with their cute kitty cats so it was a day well spent. I enjoy these visits and am reminded of how all of us lawyers representing people should do it more often. As an aside, I really enjoy pets.

As I sit here today, full stomach from the staff Xmas lunch, reflecting on the year, my only regret is that I don’t get to do this more often. My work-related New Year resolution is to try and visit the home of each of my clients at least once.